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OUR MISSION: To inspire and educate people of all ages throughout the world to adopt a healthy lifestyle through optimal nutrition, exercise, positive attitude and spiritual wellness.

Dear Bragg Health Friend,

Your health is the most important part of living a happy, long life. My whole life has been dedicated to teaching people how to live healthfully with The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle! I followed in my father’s footsteps, continuing to share Bragg teachings with the world. Dr. Paul C. Bragg was the founder of the American Health Movement, and the Originator of Health Food Stores.

2012 marks our 100th Year Anniversary of the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle teachings! During much of the past century, my father was concerned with the health, fitness and wellness of all people. He instilled this passion in me, and I continue educating young people, adults and the ageless about the importance of taking care of their bodies through nutrition, exercise and healthy choices.

Today as you know we are facing an epidemic of illness and obesity among children, who are now getting adult diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, and many other forms of illness. It’s all about the food, “you are what you eat,” and “what you eat and drink today walks and talks tomorrow” are two of my favorite Bragg phrases! We have to educate children early-on to take care of their own health and build healthy eating habits. Bragg has brought many Healthy Living Programs to schools and to the community to educate on organic foods and why healthy food is so important!

We have also created the “Bragg Health Kids” outreach, working with a Nationally Syndicated TV Producer of Kids Educational Health Shows. This outreach will bring good health teachings to children everywhere. This is all free, funded by Bragg Health Foundation. It’s our contribution to help heal the world, starting first with our children!

With Blessings of Health, Peace, & Love

Patricia Bragg, ND, PhD.
Pioneer Health Crusader

Will you join us in our mission to bring information and optimum health to community members, seniors and youth? Will you support our efforts to provide supplemental health education to school children to address childhood obesity? Will you support us as we provide knowledge and practical steps to help people make choices that improve and maintain their health today and into the future?

We ask you to support the Bragg Health Foundation and our many programs of health and nutrition education, including the Bragg Health Kids Program, Today! For details about our programs, please see our Programs page.


logoThe Bragg Health Kids Program addresses the health of our nation’s youth. Information specific to the six core areas of the Bragg Health Philosophy: “You are what you Eat, Drink, Breathe, Think, Say and Do” will teach the importance of eating healthy foods and having healthy behaviors, in addition to teaching methods of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for kids and families.

The Bragg Health Kids Program will create and produce nine segments of live action and animated video. These videos will provide educational curriculum and media on Nutrition, Health, Fitness, & Lifestyle, FREE OF CHARGE for all who seek it. The material will be available for download from our website: throughout the country (and eventually worldwide). Students, parents, teachers, educators and community members alike can access the health videos & educational materials online, or request DVDs of any or all video segments (including curriculum material) by mail.


Specific Health Information and Lessons for youth in Grades 3 through 8 will focus on:

  • Nutrition, Digestion, Nutrients and Diet
  • Healthy Beverages and Water Hydration
  • Breathing, Exercise & Cardiovascular Health
  • Positive Thinking, Brain Health and Academics
  • Communication Skills and Power of Words
  • Behavior Habits and Actions

These wise, instructive lessons will be used to teach the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, and will be delivered on screen, with animated characters based on Dr. Paul Bragg, Dr. Patricia Bragg, and others, as well as, Dr. John Westerdahl, special health guests, healthy kids and others.

The Bragg Health Foundation’s mission is to inspire and educate people of all ages throughout the world to adopt a healthy lifestyle through optimal nutrition, exercise, positive attitudes, and spiritual wellness. We accomplish this through numerous local and national programs of health and nutrition education, and outreach in communities, schools and universities. We give many scholarships to Naturopathic Schools, and provide generous support for health and nutrition research, as well as numerous events that promote health, nutrition education, and well-being.

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