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November 1-4, 2015


Bragg Health Foundation is a Proud Sponsor of this Leading Medical Conference


September 5 and 6, 2014 — Law firm, Emord & Associates honored Dr. Patricia Bragg and Bragg Live Food Products for Excellence in Health Product Innovation. Also noted were her accomplishments in health promotion through Bragg Health Foundation and her commitment to children’s health education through the Bragg Health Kids Program. She was honored amongst other esteemed leaders in nutrition, integrative medicine, medical science, and journalism at a celebration and awards ceremony in Cambridge MD. The two-day “Sacred Fire of Liberty Gala” included over 300 guests, speakers, and world class entertainers.

Fire of Liberty Award

August 20, 2014 — Bragg Health Foundation donated hundreds of apples to the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County today. The apples were from the very first harvest of over 2000 organic apple trees planted just last year on the Bragg Organic Farm in Santa Barbara, CA.

Bragg Donates Apples to Food Bank2014

March 19, 2013 — Bragg Health Foundation/Bragg Health Kids begins development of BHK website with team at Jet Morgan

Mockup of new Bragg Health Kids website will be an amazing multi-faceted interactive website! Keep an eye on our progress! Once the site is ready, this is where you can watch our fun and informative videos about health – play games – take fun quizzes and learn that You Are What You Eat, Drink, Breathe, Think, Say & Do!

January 24, 2013 — Bragg Health Kids Program completes first version Theme Song /Intro Video

Bringing Dr. Patricia Bragg to life in animation has been a labor of love for the Bragg Health Kids production team. Along with an animated Dr. Paul C. Bragg and a cast of supporting characters, the essence of the program message is coming to life!

November, 2012 — Bragg Health Foundation supports Naturopathic Doctors with Scholarships

The Bragg Health Foundation honors the legacy of Dr. Paul C. Bragg by providing select upper-level students of Naturopathy as recipients of Paul C. Bragg Health Science Scholarships. Funds provided through these scholarships support future Naturopathic Doctors.

October 17, 2012 — Bragg Health Foundation presents Dr. Patricia Bragg and Dr. John Westerdahl at Montecito Library

Dr. Patricia Bragg presented a free health lecture sharing her secrets of the famous Bragg Healthy Lifestyle with attendees at Montecito Library. She was joined by Dr. John Westerdahl, whose insights on nutrition, health and fitness completed their combined presentations that address the relationships of health and nutrition to aging and longevity.

October 11, 2012 — Bragg Health Foundation Provides In-kind Donation of BLFP Products for ongoing Garden Education Efforts for School Gardens

Bragg Health Foundation is proud to provide in-kind support to School Gardens Program. School Gardens is partially supported by Bragg Health Foundation at 32 local elementary and middle schools in Santa Barbara County. Bragg Health Foundation facilitates in-kind support of Bragg Live Food Products contributions to support the Garden Education Managers (or GEMs) at each school, who provide hands-on gardening and organic produce education, lectures and cooking classes for kids.

October 6, 2012 — Bragg Health Foundation supports screening in four-parts of “Weight of the Nation” Documentary (4 Saturdays – Oct 6, 13, 20, & 27)

Bringing together the nation’s leading research institutions, the goal of HBO’s The Weight of the Nation is to raise public awareness of the complexity of the obesity epidemic. The films were developed in association with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Foundation of Health. Bragg Health Foundation is proud to support local screenings and conduct informed Q&A for each screening with Bragg Health Foundation Director, Dr. John Westerdahl.

October 4, 2012 — Bragg Health Foundation presents Dr. Patricia Bragg to Goleta Boys & Girls Clubs for Health Education

September 30, 2012 — Bragg Health Foundation supports ACLM’s 2012 Lifestyle Medicine Conference

The Bragg Health Foundation and Bragg Live Food Products provided support to the 2012 ACLM’s Lifestyle Medicine Conference “Treating the Cause”, held in Denver, CO from September 30 to October 3, 2012. The conference brings together ‘pioneer’ and ‘early adopter’ physicians and other healthcare professionals as they educate on the practice of ‘treat the cause’ healthcare.

September 20, 2012 — Bragg Health Kids Selects First Phase of Animated Characters Created for Health and Nutrition Education Segments

The Bragg Health Kids Program is a wonderful work-in-progress with hours and hours of time dedicated to creating compelling educational content and producing fun, imaginative characters to help tell our story and convey the Bragg Health message, “You Are What You Eat, Drink, Breathe, Think, Say and Do!”

September 11, 2012 — Bragg Health Foundation sponsors Free Health, Longevity and Beauty Lecture for Community at Faulkner Gallery

The Bragg Health Foundation sponsored a lecture on optimal health and longevity to a full room at the Santa Barbara Library – Faulkner Gallery, where attendees were provided information on optimal health and tips for living a long, healthy life. Several times per year Bragg Health Foundation provides free health lectures to the public at local libraries, schools, churches, and community centers, featuring health, wellness and longevity topics along with cooking and exercise demos.

August, 2012 — Bragg Health Foundation and Bragg Live Food Products support Local Nonprofits with In-Kind Contributions

Bragg Live Food Products and Bragg Health Foundation work collaboratively to assist hundreds of local nonprofits each year with distribution of in-kind product donations that help support the good and important work they do. Thus far in 2012, BLFP and BHI have provided in-kind product for cooking demos and instruction courses that teach nutrition and health, as well as countless gift baskets for fundraising raffles, silent auctions and prize drawings.

August, 2012 — Bragg Health Kids Program Selects Theme Song

“You are what you Eat, Drink, Breathe, Think… and you are what you Say and Do… You oo oo ooo – You are a walking miracle… ” This is the beginning of the new Bragg Health Kids Theme Song by local vocalist and musician, Justin Sinclair! Selected for its uplifting and fun arrangement with ukele and kazoo accompaniment, the song incorporates the spirit of Bragg Health Kids and will have kids singing along to its fun health message! The song will accompany animation that will introduce each segment of our educational videos!

July, 2012 — Bragg Health Foundation Selects Jet Morgan Games to Produce Bragg Health Kids Animation

Bragg Health Foundation has selected Jet Morgan Games of Los Angeles to provide animation, website and gaming components for the Bragg Health Kids Program. Bragg Health Kids is excited to work with the impressive and talented crew at Jet Morgan (who has worked with Disney Pixar, Matel, Matchbox, Hotwheels, and Kinect for Xbox 360). They will be producing characters and animated content for the important health and nutrition segments of the Bragg Health Kids Program, including a journey through the human body (see above illustration).

April 13, 2012 — Bragg Health Foundation Attends Opening Night of Dos Pueblos High School Production of “Tarzan”

Bragg Health Foundation and Bragg Live Food Products staff, along with Patricia Bragg were guests at the opening night of Dos Pueblos High School Theatre Departments production of “Tarzan”. Health outreach in the form of small vignette plays were written, produced and performed by student actors in the program. The plays featured a variety of health messages and were presented to fellow and younger students prior to the main stage performance. These plays, as part of the Tarzan production, were sponsored by The Bragg Health Foundation.

March 29, 2012 — Bragg Health Foundation and Bragg Live Food Products Hosts a Cookin’ With Cutty Episode, Featuring Bragg Health Kids

Staff from Bragg Live Food Products and Bragg Health Foundation spent a day working to film Patricia, Dr. John and Cutty along with some Bragg Health Kids who were featured in an episode of Cookin’ With Cutty.

March 10, 2012 — Bragg Health Kids Program is introduced as Bragg Live Food Products Celebrates 100 Years!!!

2012 marks 100 years of bringing health to people everywhere for the Bragg Live Food Products company, and in continuation of the commitment to health made by Dr. Paul C. Bragg and by his daughter, Dr. Patricia Bragg, the Bragg Health Foundation was proud to introduce the Bragg Health Kids Program during the Bragg 100 year Anniversary Party, held at the National Food Expo in Anaheim, CA!

February 4, 2012 — Bragg Health Foundation Announces Bragg Health Kids – A New Health Education Program for Kids

January 11, 2012 — Bragg Health Foundation Supports UCSB Health & Wellness Corps

Bragg Health Foundation Director, Dr. John Westerdahl visited a meeting of the UCSB Health & Wellness Corps to learn about their programs and to present a $5000 gift in support of their efforts in health advocacy and health promotion on the campus of University of California Santa Barbara. He stated, “We are proud to support programs like yours that encourage healthy futures aligned with our mission. On behalf of Dr. Patricia Bragg and the Bragg Health Foundation, we are honored to present this gift in support of the UCSB Health and Wellness Programs, knowing that it will be used to support undergraduate students who hold “Bragg Student Leader” and “Bragg Snack Master” internship positions and also to support the “Bragg Fruit Bowl” Project.

October 19, 2010 — Bragg Health Foundation Donates Organic Apples to Goleta School District

Above: Bragg Health Foundation Director Dr. John Westerdahl Delivers Bragg Organic Apples to Sharon Baird, Food Service Director at Goleta Union School District

Last week, Patricia Bragg and Dr. John Westerdahl were busy delivering organic apples to local Goleta Union School districts. The organic apples were grown at Winchester Canyon Bragg Organic Farm and donated by the Bragg Health Foundation.

“We are committed to helping our Santa Barbara area local schools, and soon nation-wide, to provide healthy, organic foods to all school students.

It is also the Bragg mission to work with our local, schools in teaching Students about healthy nutrition and organic growing,” says Patricia Bragg.

Sharon Baird, registered Dietitian and Food Service Director for the Goleta Union School district, is also excited about including Bragg organic apples in the school foods service. “The children just love the organic apples from the Bragg Organic Farm, and they are higher in quality than our standard fruit vendors,” states Sharon

Patricia, through the Bragg Health Foundation is looking forward to working closely with the school lunch programs in the Santa Barbara area.

Above: Patricia Bragg gets Bragg Organic Farm Apples Ready to Deliver to the Goleta Union School District

Above: Patricia Bragg gets Bragg Organic Farm Apples Ready to Deliver to the Goleta Union School District

May 10, 2010 — Goleta’s Bragg Health Foundation Educates Goleta School Children about Good Nutrition and Organic Produce

Patricia Bragg and Bragg Health Foundation Health Education Team visited five classrooms at Foothill Elementary School – Kindergarten to 6th grade — to ‘kick off’ a new educational nutrition program promoting better nutrition for Santa Barbara & Goleta public schools.

The Bragg Health Foundation School Nutritional Program

The Bragg Health Foundation is partnering with the Santa Barbara & Goleta Union School District in educating students on the importance of good nutrition and eating healthy organic produce. The Bragg Health Foundation and its Health Education Team is providing this program to the schools as part of its health mission outreach to the community.

Above: 3rd grade teacher Jeanie DeTomaso with Patri­cia Bragg

Besides teaching children about eating more organic fruits and vegetables, the program utilizes a “bring a farmer to school” concept of educating school children about where healthy plant foods come from. Local farmer volunteers will lead the school children in a discussion and educational presentation on the positive impact of growing organic vegetables and fruits.

This is followed by Bragg Health Foundation Nutritionists and Health Educators Patricia Bragg and John Westerdahl along with Goleta Union School District’s Food Service Director, Registered Dietitian Sharon Baird.

Currently there is a national effort to educate school children of all ages about good nutrition due to a growing nation obesity epidemic among school-aged children. The Bragg Health Foundation is dedicating its efforts to help in this effort in the Goleta and Santa Barbara School Districts. (This project was sponsored in part by a grant from Venoco, Inc.)

Above: Foothill Students were full of questions for Bragg Health Foundation Experts

Above: Foothill Students were full of questions for Bragg Health Foundation Experts

June 14, 2009 — Patricia Bragg shares her life as a Health Crusader at the HEALTH FREEDOM EXPO in Chicago.

August 26, 2008 — A “Letter to the Editor” by our very own Dr. John Westerdahl, PhD, MPH, RD, Director of the Bragg Health Foundation is now in the September 1-8 printed edition of U.S.NEWS & WORLD REPORT. Also available on their website.

This letter was written in response to the magazine’s annual special issue on America’s Best Hospitals. It stresses the need for modern medicine and hospitals to recognize the fields of wellness, preventive and lifestyle medicine – all the areas that the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle is about.

January 18, 2008 – Dr. Patricia Bragg presented a free community Health Lecture and Seminar in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. She shared a wealth of information regarding the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle .

September 29 – October 2, 2007 – Dr. John Westerdahl represented the Bragg Health Foundation at the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo of the American Dietetic Association in Philadelphia. This meeting is the world’s largest gathering of nutritional professionals primarily consisting of registered dietitians, nutrition educators and scientists. Dr. Westerdahl is actively involved in the Vegetarian Nutrition and Nutrition in Complementary Care Practice Groups of the American Dietetic Association and represented the Foundation at their functions at the conference. Bragg healthy lifestyle literature was also provided at the annual meeting of the Seventh-Day Adventist Dietetic Association, which was held in conjunction with the American Dietetic Association conference.

September 28, 2007 – Dr. John Westerdahl represented the Bragg Health Foundation at the American College of Nutrition 48th Annual Meeting and Conference in Orlando, Florida at the Walt Disney World Resort. At the conference Dr. Westerdahl and his colleagues, Howard Murad, M.D. and Jasmine Jankicevic, M.D. presented their research study, “Dietary Supplementation As A Nutrition Intervention Strategy To Increase Intracellular Water And Phase Angle.” This research showed that with the proper nutritional supplementation, you can effectively increase intracellular water and improve the health and vitality of the cells. The conference was attended by many of the world’s leading nutritional scientists. The study was included as an abstract in the prestigious Journal of the American College of Nutrition. This research further confirms Dr. Paul C. Bragg’s early concepts that good nutrition and nutritional supplementation are vital to improving the health and vitality of the cell which can slow the progression of aging.

September 1 – 3, 2007 – Dr. Patricia Bragg recently spoke at the 35th Annual Cancer Convention of the Cancer Control Society in Los Angeles, California. In her presentation she discussed the mission of the Bragg Health Foundation and introduced the Foundation’s first Director, Dr. John Westerdahl. Dr. Bragg and Dr. Westerdahl had an exhibit at the conference sharing the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle message to the hundreds of people that attended the conference.