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Grateful Grant Recipient

Dear Ms. Kathy Duerr,

I am extremely humbled and very grateful to be the recipient of the Bragg Health Science Scholarship. It is truly an honor to be recognized by such a remarkable and prestigious family. Thank you for continuing to emphasize and recognize the importance of nutrition. It is very motivating in continuing my Naturopathic career while using nutrition to really change individuals lives. Thank you, Patricia Bragg!



Live Nourished, the Nutritional Therapy Association’s 8th Conference

In Vancouver, WA  last week, the Bragg Health Foundation shared health information at Live Nourished, the Nutritional Therapy Association’s 8th Conference. The annual conference provides education, resources, and tools to empower Nutritional Therapists and Holistic Health Care professionals. Among those attending were best-selling author of the “Earth Diet”, Liana Webner-Gray from Australia, and Bragg Health Ambassador Kathy Duerr.