Grants & Scholarships (2010)

In 2010, Bragg supported many leading organizations including the following:

ocean futures society

Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society

santa barbara zoo

Santa Barbara Zoo

santa barbara bontanical gardens

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

camp joy gardens

Camp Joy Gardens

Community Environmental Council

san marcos high school

San Marcos High School

National Gardening Association

cancer control society

Cancer Control Society


UC Santa Barbara

grow a farmer

Grow A Farmer — UCSC

Natural Doctors International

Natural Doctors International

Hawaii Health Foundation

World Life Research Foundation

Bragg Health Foundation has awarded scholarships to Naturopathic Medicine Students through these colleges and organizations:

nationa college of natural medicine

National College of Natural Medicine


Bastyr University

The Bragg Health Foundation congratulates the following Naturopathic Students at Bastyr University for winning the 2009 “Patricia and Paul C. Bragg Health Science Scholarship Awards”:
bastyr Carie BooneCarole FreemanMeredith MiltonAngela WacoMarisa Wolters

The Bragg Health Foundation is pleased to annouce the following recipients of the 2009 Bragg Health Science Scholarship Awards:
Michael Long Lia Sonneberg Martha Reid
These scholarships are presented toNaturopathic Medicine Students throughthe Foundation for Natural Medicine.

natural medicine Foundation

Goleta Union School District Letter of Thanks

The Bragg Health Foundation supports the University of California at Santa Barbara Global Medicine Project and classes.
ucsb global medicine thank you letter

ndi thank yous
1Dear Dr. Patricia Bragg,In all my years working in global health one of my greatest joys comes from being able to watch students blossom as they learn in this environment. Our global health courses and internships give participants such a unique opportunity, and as a naturopathic physician, I am committed to making that opportunity available to as many individuals as possible.
The Paul C. Bragg Global Health Scholarship has allowed our growing grassroots organization to offer these opportunities, and we are hoping to expand our program this year. With your continued support, in addition to scholarships, we will be able to offer NDI student members free membership to the world renowned Global Health Council. My deepest gratitude to you for your commitment to your father’s dream. To show our appreciation we have put together these letters of appreciation from the first recipients of the Paul C. Bragg Global Health Scholarship Fund.With sincere gratitude,Dr. Tabatha Parker, ND; NDI Executive & Medical Director

2Dear Dr. Patricia Bragg,I would like to express my appreciation for your generous donation. Because of the Paul C. Bragg Global Health Scholarship I have the opportunity to be part of NDI this summer, and learn more about global heath. I believe it is imperative that we work towards making health care easily accessible in impoverished areas, and thanks to your contribution I will have such an opportunity. Your kind gift will help me promote global health in poverty stricken areas by teaching sanitary measures and addressing cultural aspects of health practices in order to improve daily life. Education is a powerful tool to empower individuals to live better lives, which in turn, impacts the whole community. Through your generous support NDI offers us the opportunity to do just this. The benefits of this experience will not only be bountiful but mutual.
I will treasure this experience for years to come and I will be able to share what I learn with my peers. It is only through collective cooperation and understanding that we can truly make a difference in the world. I am excited to embark on this journey you have made possible. Thank you again for your generosity.Angela Barraza – University of Arizona Undergraduate

3Dear Dr. Patricia Bragg,I would like to convey my sincere thanks and gratitude in granting me this opportunity to work with NDI. Your generous scholarship will enable me to carry out a publichealth education program for youth that will complement an existing naturopathic medical program. Dr. Tabatha Parker and those that work with her are not only amazing doctors but also inspiring humanitarians. The NDI mission is not just about treating people medically but rather involves building good health practices that will be sustainable over time. As an aspiring humanitarian, I cannot express my excitement at being a recipient of the Paul C. Bragg Global Health Scholarship. The professional development I will garner is invaluable, in addition to the inspiration that will propel and motivate my future work. This is an amazing cause and experience for a young adult like myself.Ariel Sim – University of Arizona Undergraduate

Dear Dr. Patricia Bragg,I want to thank you deeply for allowing me the opportunity to experience working with NDI. Your incredibly generous scholarship is allowing me to pursue a lifelong passion of working in developing communities in health education. With this Paul C. Bragg Global Health Scholarship, I have the opportunity to work with other fellow students who share the same passion for global health. I hope that our community efforts can develop into a sustainable youth program. I am sincerely grateful for not only your contribution, but your dedication to health promotion. We will be documenting our progress throughout and hope to share this with you in the near future. This experience will stay with me forever as I continue my path of being a student, health promoter, and humanitarian. Thank you!Leanne Trujillo – University of Arizona Undergraduate

5Dear Dr. Patricia Bragg,Thank you so much for your gracious support in making my participation with NDI a possibility. Having an opportunity to educate underprivileged youth about health and sanitation will have an immeasurable impact on the communities we will serve. On a more personal level, the experience will likely change my perspective and approach to understanding issues of global poverty and access to health. It is with the upmost gratitude and appreciation that you receive this note. If you would like any documentation of the work I plan on doing this summer, I will be at your disposal. Again, thank you so much.Francisco Lara Garcia – University of Arizona Undergraduate

6Dear Dr. Patricia Bragg,Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to experience NDI. Without your incredibly generous scholarship, I would never have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Parker and her staff. I am honored to have played my small part in all the important things they are doing to promote global health. Because of the Paul C. Bragg Global Health Scholarship, in just 5 days, the team of doctors and students I was a part of helped over two hundred people from underserved communities get much needed naturopathic medical treatment. I also learned firsthand, the effects of globalization and the reality of disproportionate access to basic medical care.
It is my sincerest wish that others would be able to share in my experience in the years to come. What the Paul C. Bragg Global Health Scholarship allows goes far beyond the monetary. It would be nearly impossible to come away from the NDI experience without being moved. Seeing firsthand what people around the world live with on a daily basis, thepoverty and deprivation, I know the time I spent with NDI will stay with me forever.Thank you again. Yours in Health,Dr. Adam Friedman, ND