Programs of the Bragg Health Foundation


Programs within the Bragg Health Foundation uphold our mission by providing health, nutrition and wellness education, information and support to community – locally, nationally and internationally. A few of our programs and collaborations are listed here:

  • Offering free health lectures, Bragg Health Foundation conducts numerous health, wellness, nutrition and lifestyle talks and lectures yearly throughout the United States, and in other countries. Dr. Patricia Bragg has spent many years as a world-wide health crusader, following in her father’s footsteps. She is joined by Dr. John Westerdahl, who also has lectured internationally, domestically and locally; together they have reached thousands with their lectures on nutrition and healthy lifestyle.
  • Bragg Health Foundation is proud to support the UCSB Health and Wellness Corps and their health and wellness outreach to the student populace and faculty at University of California Santa Barbara campus. This includes support for the Bragg Student Leader internship positions and the Bragg Snack Master, who provide nutrition talks and healthy food demos to students and staff alike. In addition to supporting health and wellness outreach on campus, Bragg Health Foundation also sponsors Bragg Fruit Bowls, which are placed in strategic, high-traffic areas throughout campus and are filled twice weekly with fresh, organic produce made available to all who pass.
  • In local schools, the Bragg Health Foundation School Nutrition Program teaches children about eating more organic fruits and vegetables, educating school children about where healthy plant foods come from. Local Organic Farmers assist in conveying the positive impact of growing organic vegetables and fruits, along with health and nutrition talks from Bragg Health Foundation Nutritionists and Health Educators Dr. Patricia Bragg and Dr. John Westerdahl, along with food and health professionals within the respective schools.
  • The Bragg Health Kids Program will deliver free health information and lessons for youth.

  • The Free Bragg Exercise Class on Waikiki Beach, is offered six days-a-week. This program directly honors Dr. Paul C. Bragg, as he initiated, and personally taught the class throughout his life and started offering his free health instruction/ exercise class over 40 years ago! The class is held on the Fort DeRussy Lawn each morning and is led by dedicated volunteers (and by Patricia or Dr. John when they are on the island), who instruct participants through a general callisthenic workout complete with deep breathing exercises and relaxation. Thousands of healthy island visitors and friends have attended the Free Bragg Exercise Class.

  • Patricia and Paul C. Bragg Health Science Scholarships. The Bragg Health Foundation is committed to preparing the future generations to be skilled in the health sciences by providing scholarships to students attending select colleges and universities. We support students nearing completion of their studies and prepared to earn degrees in Naturopathic Medicine, that through their studies and practice of natural medicine, they further the Mission of the Bragg Health Foundation.
  • Paul C. Bragg Memorial Rose Gardens. Gracing the property and offices of Bragg Live Food Products and Bragg Health Foundation, these gardens reflect Dr. Paul C. Bragg’s statement that, “A Rose is God’s autograph of Beauty, Fragrance and Love”. The Paul C. Bragg Memorial Rose Gardens feature over 400 beautiful varieties of roses from around the world. Throughout the year, Patricia Bragg hosts numerous groups for tours and discussions of her prize roses.


    These projects represent the future vision of the Bragg Health Foundation, encompassing a broader impact and reach for the health messages and teachings that are so integral to Dr. Paul C. Bragg’s legacy.

    Paul C. Bragg Memorial Library and Health Education Center

  • A comprehensive Paul C. Bragg Memorial Library is currently in development and will contain thousands of books, media and references on natural health sciences, nutrition, fitness, wellness, organic gardening and farming as well as other health-related topics.
  • Meeting rooms will be available for presentations, lectures and workshops on health and organic gardening.

    The Bragg Organic Teaching Garden

  • Will feature demonstrations in organic gardening techniques that include soil preparation, planting, proper watering, transplanting, harvest, and composting.
  • Classes to be held in teaching gardens at the Bragg Organic Farm, and provided for a variety of ages.

    Paul C. Bragg Memorial Inspiration Nature Walk

  • A beautiful nature path along Bragg Organic Farm Creek will inspire people to maintain their health through walking.
  • Environmental education walks will be led by experts teaching about the farm’s natural ecosystem.
  • Walking trails will be appointed with inspirational, engraved stepping stones and tree plaques to recognize significant donors who have contributed to the Bragg Health Foundation.
  • Other landmarks along the walking trail will list the names of significant donors who have contributed to the Bragg Health Foundation.

    The Bragg Organic Orchard

  • Bragg Organic Apple Orchard contains over 2,000 trees from which the harvested organic apples will be distributed to a number of food service organizations and school organizations to augment nutritional meal options. A portion of apples from the Bragg Organic Apple Orchard will also be utilized in production of World Famous Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • Naming opportunities are available in support of Bragg Health Foundation and the Bragg Health Kids Program. By making a donation a Bragg Organic Orchard tree can be named for you, your family or organization – or in honor of another. For more information on naming opportunities, contact Bragg Health Foundation.

    The Bragg Health Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization